Why Artival?


Our team is proud to apply international principles and guidelines, always striving to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence. We are convinced that continuous learning contributes to improving effectiveness and accountability for results.

We provide our services using a multidisciplinary approach, developing both traditional social-research strategies and the latest methodological tendencies in order to provide solid evidence-based information to our clients. We strive to maximize utilization to serve the practical information needs of our partners by, among other strategies, considering a participatory approach in all our actions. We also put particular efforts into generating user-friendly products to maximize dissemination of results/outputs and to reach the highest number of potential users.



  • Promotion of the research and evaluation culture for organizational learning/development.

  • A service approach based on innovation and creativity, developing tailor-made solutions in order to generate a clear value added to our clients. We believe that each evaluation is unique and therefore avoid ready-made solutions, considering ourselves artisans who are true to their craft.

  • We maximize the use of our researches and evaluations by communicating findings through data visualization. We design compelling data-rich graphics that bring out hidden stories, with the aim of reaching and informing the highest number of target users.

  • We consider that evaluation is both an art and a science. The art of evaluation involves the creative and innovative solutions customized to our client´s information needs in real-world conditions. We identify purposes and audiences, creating appropriate evaluation designs, interpreting data, making sound judgments and communicating them effectively. The science of evaluation involves systematically gathering and analysing evidence about the evaluand.